Boilies ZooBEST

for strong carp

For their development we have disregarded all the factors that lead to a "fashionable" product, putting all our efforts towards a highly effective bait in terms of attractiveness and specific nutrition. A boilies that complements the needs and well-being of fish, offering high quality amino acids and essential fatty acids, high solubility and excellent taste. The mix is composed of over 10 macro-ingredients with important percentages of hydrolyzed yeasts to provide the right balance between taste and essential amino acids; over 8 micro-ingredients including attractors, stimulators, extracts, balanced vitamins and able to free and help digestion. All mixed with eggs, Plus Liquid ZooBEST and garlic essential oil. The steam cooking with controlled temperature and humidity make a boiles that has no comparison in terms of shelf life, avoiding the use of chemical preservatives. The specific use is for medium and long pastures, succeeding in this case, to make selection on the size.

Production technologies used:
Steam-stage cooking
Natural drying
Kneaded with eggs, without artificial colourings and preservatives

Characteristic signs:
Garlic fragrance

When to use:
Quick sessions, along passageways
Sessions with medium/long pasturage cycles

What combinations are recommended:
30g of Plus Liquid ZooBEST or Marine on 1 kg of boilies at least 24h before use

What do carp fishermen say with a sentence:
When the fish enters the pasture it won't leave it anymore

Saturating the place?
Absolutely not, guaranteed!

Pack EUR Quantity
16mm / 1 Kg Bag 11.00
20mm / 1 Kg Bag 11.00
20mm / 8 Kg Bag 60.00
20mm / 24 Kg Bag 162.00
20mm / 48 Kg Bag 270.00
24mm / 8 Kg Bag 60.00
24mm / 24 Kg Bag 162.00
24mm / 48 Kg Bag 270.00