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for hunter angler

This boilie has been created to achieve maximum attractiveness in the shortest possible time by combining a structure that works quickly in water with the legendary Tutti Frutti aroma. Not to be confused as a simple carrier bait because it will never tire the fish thanks to the presence of amino acids and essential fatty acids of high quality and high solubility. It goes into the peach very quickly and continuously emanates its intense taste of fruit, thanks to our selected concentrated Tutti Frutti powder. A boilie that has been in the water for hours, even on smelly grounds, remaining still surprisingly attractive.

Production technologies used:
Cooking in steam stages
Natural drying
Kneaded with eggs, without artificial coloring and preservatives

Characteristic signs:
innovative Tutti Frutti fragrance

When to use:
Quick sessions
Search and study of new spots
Brief pasturation phases

What combinations are recommended:
30g of Plus Liquid Integra on 1 kg of boilies at least 24h before use

What carp fishermen say
They continuously catch them without selecting, great for having fun

Saturating the place
Absolutely not, guaranteed!

Pack EUR Quantity
16mm / 1 Kg Bag 11.00
20mm / 1 Kg Bag 11.00
20mm / 8 Kg Bag 60.00
20mm / 24 Kg Bag 162.00
20mm / 48 Kg Bag 270.00
24mm / 8 Kg Bag 60.00
24mm / 24 Kg Bag 162.00
24mm / 48 Kg Bag 270.00
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